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The effects of smoke and fire damage will often be serious. But NCRI will dispatch our team of professional fire damage restoration technicians to handle the clean up operation and help reduce the impact of your loss.

 The remaining structure and contents not directly damaged by the fire are typically coated with a fine black residue from the soot of the fire damage. The soot is usually swept through the air ducts of the structure by the air handling units. Mix that soot with the humidity that results from the effect of water on flames, and you have an acidic residue that will continue to cause further damage the longer it is allowed to remain.

leaking water pipes

Fire damage, including smoke and soot which can be toxic, creates a dangerous situation. NCRI knows that even when a fire is contained to a certain area there are other forms of damage and hazards that can travel through a structure. The effects of a fire in your home or business are very serious and, if not properly handled, can cause long term problems for you, your employees, and your loved ones. Our fire damage response team is trained to help mitigate further loss, control the damaged areas, and clean up and restore your property to a better condition than before your fire.

Fires are typically compound disasters that don’t just need one specialist to correctly handle. The National Catastrophe Restoration Team goes through an extensive evaluation of your property looking for fire, smoke, odor, soot, and even potential water hazards. Once we have appropriately surveyed the scene we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the damage and our process for how to appropriately tackle the situation.

Our Services

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Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot are harmful, potentially toxic, byproducts of a fire. It isn’t enough to just wipe a surface off and throw a little paint over it. Making sure that your structure has not been compromised and is totally abated of any harmful or hazardous residue is our top priority.

roof with water damage

Compound Damage

Most people don’t think about water when they have just had a fire. However, many times water lines within your structure, or water damage from fire suppression systems, can create additional items for concern to properly clean and restore your property after a fire.

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The process of trying to restore and make safe a building after it has been exposed to the extremes of a fire is complicated and requires a high attention to detail. Load bearing walls and supports can be damaged which is why it’s important to hire a Class A Contractor like NCRI.


One Call to NCRI. Underpinning our entire operation is our highly developed communications network. With just one call you will be linked to one of the largest catastrophe restoration companies in the world. We can then put an entire network of disaster recovery resources at your disposal. This will ensure that you get the help, and solutions, on which your company or home’s future depends.

How We Do It. Every single project is different. After 50+ years of responding to disasters of every kind, we’ve learned that the first step in effective response and restoration is developing and following a well conceived plan. So much so that even in the event of impending disaster, such as a hurricane or flood, NCRI will pre-stage personnel and equipment to facilitate our response.

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Looking for residential help? National Catastrophe Restoration Inc. Has an office in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and is headquartered in Wichita Kansas and provides residential services to residents in Kansas and Missouri.

Responding to Unique Challenges.
You can count on NCRI to have an immediate, consistent , and effective course of action. Once we receive your call our 24/7 dispatcher gathers all the pertinent information and immediately dispatches our Disaster Response Team to your site. We will simultaneously mobilize all necessary resources, including vehicles preloaded with safety, cleaning, drying, and construction equipment from NCRI or a regional affiliate. In a matter of hours, an NCRI project manager and their team member(s) arrive on site and establish communication with the building representative or home owner.

  • Once we have clearance to enter the site our team makes an immediate assessment of the steps required to begin the work.
  • Calls for any additional resources required for the job.
  • Addresses all safety issues with building personnel or residents regarding hazardous areas, unstable areas, and any lock out/tag outs, etc.
  • Initiates all procedures necessary to restore your facility or home to working or livable condition in the shortest time possible.
As soon as you have experienced a fire in your home or business it’s time to call in the professionals. We will deploy one of our rapid response teams to come out and inspect your property and give you a thorough evaluation of the damage and what to expect moving forward.
Fires don’t just burn things down that need to be built back up. Once you have had a fire on your property it’s important that the entire structure is properly inspected and restored. Smoke, soot, and even water can cause damage throughout your property and knowing that before repairs begin can save lives and money.
Fires leave a wake of devastation in their path. Not only are large sections of a structure totally destroyed but the smoke and soot left behind are gruesome reminders of a catastrophe. Our team is trained to safely and properly remove all smoke and soot residue throughout the entire structure so you can start fresh.
National Catastrophe Restoration Inc, is a Class A General contractor and also ISO 9001 certified meaning that we have the qualifications to handle any project. Having the expertise to properly identify all of your needs prior to starting a restoration project saves you time and money that are critical after a disaster like a fire in your home or business.
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We are leaders in Catastrophe Restoration and Recovery for both commercial and residential properties.

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