NCRI Covid-19 Update

Mar 8, 2020Safety

NCRI is providing disinfection services via electrostatic spraying EPA registered product(s) that meet the EPA’s criteria for use against viral outbreaks. Call today and let us take care of you.

Electrostatic Spraying: What is it?

An internal electrode atomizes cleaning solution, the charged droplets are then attracted to surfaces that they wrap around leaving a uniform coat of solution.

Areas are disinfected using the “Full Room Decontamination Method,” which consists of spraying areas 6 ft. and below, non-porous surfaces, and solid surface content in the area. Please note the areas being disinfected via this method will fill the entire space with solution.

Touch Point Disinfecting are locations throughout the building where occupants commonly place their hands, such as doors, door knobs, handles, push plates, chairs, stair rails, elevator buttons, handicap rails, drinking fountains, vending machine buttons, telephones, desks, keyboards and mouse, trash bins, drawer pulls, light switches, pen holders, kitchen/break room tables and countertops, and restroom facilities. Touch Point Disinfectants use the appropriate “dwell-time” as recommended by the product manufacturers.

–         Please allow 1 business day to mobilize
–         Environmental testing can be provided at an additional cost and be completed by a 3rd party vendor
–          Pricing based on current product market rates and could increase based on market conditions

HEPA Air Scrubber

NCRI has a great supply of charcoal filtered HEPA air scrubbers; used to help with the air movement of indoor environments, and assist your existing HVAC system in keeping air flow moving throughout rooms and hallways. We have units that will serve a 12’x14′ room as well as units that can be expected to cover up to 21,000 cubic feet. These systems allow indoor air to be continually filtered while preventing the spread of contamination.

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