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Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms, and extreme storms bring with them heavy rains, wind, hail, and now which can leave a wake of damage in their path. 

Storm damage can be severe. With roofs removed or windows broken, furnishings and equipment are left exposed to further damage from the elements.  

In the blink of an eye, mother nature can take a devastating and violent turn. While we can’t always predict exactly what the weather might do until it’s too late, we can plan, prepare, and deploy industry leading teams to your location to help mitigate the loss to your home or business and be right beside you helping you rebuild every step of the way. We have one of the largest networks of rapid response personnel and equipment in the United States and, with our 24/7/365 communications team on standby, we can be ready at a moments notice to control the devastating affect a natural disaster can cause. 

The storm may come and go, but our team doesn’t leave until the job is done. NCRI is committed to staying with you from the very first call, through your entire recovery consultation, and completing every step of the cleanup, restoration, and repair process. Properly evaluation your situation and then providing industry leading support and service is what has kept us in business for over 50 years. While other companies focus on “fast and cheap” National Catastrophe Restoration Inc is committed to giving you a permanent solution, saving you time and money where ever we can, and making sure the job is done right the first time. 

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One of the most cruel and unexpected disasters that we face in the United States is the devastating affects of high wind storms. Not only do these natural disasters cause unprecedented damage to structures but they bring water and fire hazards as well. 


Fire, smoke, and soot from wildfires can cause life threatening situations and also produce toxins that can be harmful months or years after a disaster. While blizzards can knock out power, collapse structures, and cause critical water damage to your home or business. 


Although not as common as other natural disasters, earthquakes are responsible for some of the most costly damage and lead all other natural disasters in loss of life. These unfortunate, and very dangerous, disasters can be mitigated with the proper prevention plans. 

We Service the Entire United States

One Call to NCRI. Underpinning our entire operation is our highly developed communications network. With just one call you will be linked to one of the largest catastrophe restoration companies in the world. We can then put an entire network of disaster recovery resources at your disposal. This will ensure that you get the help, and solutions, on which your company or home's future depends.

How We Do It. Every single project is different. After 50+ years of responding to disasters of every kind, we've learned that the first step in effective response and restoration is developing and following a well conceived plan. So much so that even in the event of impending disaster, such as a hurricane or flood, NCRI will pre-stage personnel and equipment to facilitate our response.  

Looking for residential help? National Catastrophe Restoration Inc. Has an office in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and is headquartered in Wichita Kansas and provides residential services to residents in Kansas and Missouri.  

Responding to Unique Challenges. You can count on NCRI to have an immediate, consistent , and effective course of action. Once we receive your call our 24/7 dispatcher gathers all the pertinent information and immediately dispatches our Disaster Response Team to your site. We will simultaneously mobilize all necessary resources, including vehicles preloaded with safety, cleaning, drying, and construction equipment from NCRI or a regional affiliate. In a matter of hours, an NCRI project manager and their team member(s) arrive on site and establish communication with the building representative or home owner.

  • Once we have clearance to enter the site our team makes an immediate assessment of the steps required to begin the work.
  • Calls for any additional resources required for the job.
  • Addresses all safety issues with building personnel or residents regarding hazardous areas, unstable areas, and any lock out/tag outs, etc.
  • Initiates all procedures necessary to restore your facility or home to working or livable condition in the shortest time possible.

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