Nation-wide Coverage

One Call To NCRI

Underpinning our entire operation is our highly developed communications network. One call to NCRI will:

  • Link you to one of the largest catastrophe restoration companies in the world.
  • Put an entire network of disaster recovery resources at your disposal.
  • Bring you the help – the solutions – on which your company’s future depends.

How We Do It

Every project is different. After more than three decades of responding to disasters of every kind, we’ve learned that the first step in effective response and restoration is developing and following a well conceived plan. (In situations of impending disaster such as hurricanes or floods, NCRI will pre-stage personnel and equipment to facilitate our response.)



Although each job presents unique challenges, NCRI clients can count on an immediate, consistent and effective course of action.

  1. Upon receiving your call, our 24/7 dispatcher gathers pertinent information and immediately dispatches our Disaster Response Team to your site.
  2. Simultaneously, we mobilize all necessary resources, including vehicles preloaded with safety, cleaning, drying and construction equipment from NCRI and/or our regional affiliate(s).
  3. In a matter of hours, an NCRI Project Manager and Team Member(s) arrive on site and establish communication with the building representative.
  4. Once we have been given clearance to enter the site, our Team:
    1. Makes an immediate assessment of the steps required to begin the work.
    2. Calls for any additional resources required for the job.
    3. Addresses all safety issues with building personnel regarding hazardous areas, unstable areas, lock out/tag out, etc.
    4. Initiates all procedures necessary to restore your facilities to working condition in the shortest possible time.