About NCRI

about-1The members of our Disaster Response Team are on call and prepared to respond to a catastrophe any time, anywhere. Historical uses of our Disaster Response Teams have included cleanup from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, straight-line wind storms, flooding and fires. Our disaster readiness plan is in place, allowing us to mobilize our team of professionals, and load our vast inventory of drying and dehumidification equipment on our semitrailers at a moments notice. With one call to NCRI, your emergency becomes our emergency and we will respond with the necessary personnel and equipment anywhere in the nation to direct your emergency mitigation needs and complete your restoration process.

Ask most anyone on the NCRI team and they will tell you that what they do here is more than just a job. To us, this is a commitment; a commitment to professionalism, to the tasks we perform, and to the clients we serve. You will see this attitude reflected in the way we go about our work. Whether it’s salvaging the contents of a burned out office, providing drying equipment after a hurricane, or providing emergency services to commercial and residential clientele, NCRI’s commitment is what makes us the top restoration company in the industry.

At NCRI, our focus is on teamwork. We believe that a better understanding of all elements of the restoration process will help us better serve our clients and each other. To that end, we host certification training seminars in-house and include staff from the receptionist to the President.
We maintain an ongoing emphasis on proper training for all our services, including fire and water loss, air duct cleaning, document drying and mold remediation.
Each of our technicians are cross trained and experienced in proper emergency preservation procedures. Our staff includes dozens of Certified Restoration Supervisors.

The NCRI Disaster Restoration Management Team

From Patricia Easter, President of NCRI: As the President of NCRI for the last 39 years, I’ve focused NCRI’s attention on the connection we have with our customers. We fill an important need in our customers’ lives – the need for restoration when disaster strikes. This includes restoration of property, restoration of treasured belongings, and most importantly, the restoration of “peace of mind.” We have helped corporations recover from the worst disasters for nearly three decades by assisting with the unfortunate business interruption, and the structure and content damage (both moderate and severe), resulting from disasters that occur frequently, randomly and without warning.

NCRI Corporate Office Quality is a way of thinking, incorporated into every decision we make and every action we take. It is reflected in our values, our services and our behavior. It moves us to use our resources to steadfastly seek ways to make our company better able to serve our clients.

We have assisted hundreds of companies, corporations, universities and manufacturing plants with Emergency Contingency Plan to minimize loss and speed the recovery time. Our corrosion control and dehumidification services are efficient, proprietary and designed to meet the highest standards of ISO 9001.

NCRI has enjoyed long-term success because we are built from a clear vision, reflect important values such as customer service and the consideration of others, and have firmly set our goal on total quality in all that we do.

Patricia Easter


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